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The World Barefoot Center (WBC) was established in 2009 and is a derivative of the old ski shop / ski school platform. Unlike other ski schools, the WBC is comprised of a partnership incorporating two of the best barefoot water skiers the sport has ever known. Between USA's Keith St. Onge and UK's David Small, the two competitors hold all three current world barefoot water ski records and covet 95% of the worlds most prestigious barefoot water ski competition titles.

Both athletes are young, strong, educated and well-spoken gentlemen. They are both held in the highest regard as two of the greatest ambassadors of the barefoot water ski community in the world. Gracing multiple magazine covers, international endorsements and hosting hundreds of students annually, both Keith and David have changed the way we will all look at the future of water skiing's most extreme sport, forever.

The WBC as an education source for Barefoot Water Skiers, can accommodate any level of Barefooter. Beginners can be assisted with everything from proper stretching and 'on the dock instructions' to within minutes gliding along Florida's beautiful lakes for the first time on their bare feet. We teach people of all ages and skill level. The WBC coaching team is made up of 5 members. Aside from Keith and David, we have Ben Groen from NZ, ranked No.3 in the World, Ashleigh Stebbeings from AUS, ranked No.1 in the World and Gary "Swampy" Bouchard who is not only the US Junior Team Coach but Keith, David, Ben and Ashleigh's personal coach.

The WBC utilizes one of the most successful platforms for coaching in the sport with a solid reputation and proven results. The WBC proudly boasts, there is no "cookie cutter" coaching. The WBC staff individualizes every training session to suit your needs. This encouraging and patient way of instruction will bring your skiing to the next level. The WBC Barefoot Ski School uses the latest technology in equipment and boats to help you attain your goals. Gone are the days of hard, high speed falls. New Theories Emphasize Technique and an Interactive Coaching System from HeadZone allows the WBC instructor to communicate with you the entire time you are skiing. All this while gliding over stunning lakes and enjoying tropical climates in our Winter Haven, Florida location.

The WBC team encourages you to review the extraordinary locations, equipment, resources and rate options.

You may find the WBC clinics an exceptional option for your personal or group needs.

The World Barefoot Center is looking forward to servicing you with all of your barefoot waterskiing needs.


*POLICY* - 50% Non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation. You will be charged in full unless you cancel your skiing dates at least two weeks prior to your scheduled ski days.

Every skier gets two sets for a half day and four sets for a full day (two sets in the morning and two in the afternoon). Each set ranges between 20-30min. long, depending on ability and strength. We appreciate all students allowing the WBC instructors to do 100% of the instruction unless asked upon.


Any 5 full skiing days within a 6 day period. $995 Book Now
Various sizes of suits are available. Quantity is limited. Please check availability upon scheduling. Half day suit rental is $20 $30 Book Now

Ride Along*

All ages. Only available upon request. $30 Book Now
All ages. Only available upon request. $20 Book Now

*All Ride Along guests are limited by seat availability. Rates subject to change.

Please confirm rates upon reservations. A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. 

World Barefoot Center

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The WBC has taken every step to incorporate the very best equipment available for both male and female Barefoot Skiers of all ages.

After a relentless search for the perfect 'school savvy' and 'training competent' tow boat set-up. We have completely fallen in love with the new outboard Evinrude E-TEC. We are driving a single E-TEC behind a (dated, well preserved) Sanger hull. We have four of these towboat set-ups in current use. These outboards are Fast, Powerful, Smooth Driving, Quiet and Awesome on Gas Consumption. Of course you can expect some of the most viable Slalom Wakes you've ever skied on. The boats are tailored with BI Towers, Booms and SuperFlyHighs. We track speeds with GPS Technology and the crafts are always tuned, fully fueled and professionallyfunctional. Students can utilize the State of the Art HeadZone Helmet so that your Instructor can communicate with you the entire time you are skiing.

The use of Video, through prior arrangements, can be arranged for review on a Large Screen Plasma T.V. .

Students should expect to bring his or her own personal gear for use during your instruction.

Students can otherwise be tuned into to the school's State Of The Art Pro-Shop featuring the WBC shoe-skis (formerly known as the KSO Shoe-skis). A complete line of KSO & Eagle Barefoot Suits are available. All of our towlines and handles are made by US Gear. We carry 1080 Ski Apparel, Masterline gloves and Barefoot International boat accessories. David Small and Keith St. Onge signature apparel and souveniers adorn the walls of the fully stocked WBC ProShop at all times including Tees, Sweats, Hoodies, Hats and much more.

The WBC Staff encourages you to view the WBC ProShop prior to your visit to the facility. This will of course better serve your needs by making sure your sizes are available upon your arrival to the school. 


The WBC has chosen two amazing Central Florida sites to conduct the best ski school experience possible, Lake Conine and Lake Rochelle.


3915 Lake Conine Dr. East, Winter Haven, Florida 33881


The WinterHaven, FL location is home to the Keith St. Onge and David Small, WBC Site. This is also the hub for the WBC network of Ski School activities. World Recognized Elite Coach Gary "Swampy" Bouchard can be found at this location lending his instructional expertise all year long.

Set on modest Lake Conine and Lake Rochelle, they are connected to the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes Waterway. Winter Haven is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Orlando and less than 20 minutes drive time from Walt Disney World.

Winter Haven is also a host to many local restaurants and hotel accommodations within minutes of the site. (Refer to the resources page for information). The weather is generally warm and considered tropical through the late spring and summer months.

Water conditions are variable due to winds and boat traffic, but are easily managed with careful ski schedules and choice shoreline selection. This site enables you to find perfect water amongst endless miles of treed shorelines. The site and it's amenities are direct waterfront and are easily accessible at all times for personal use during instruction.

The Winter Haven WBC Site is equipped with a fully stocked, on-premise ProShop. ( Review our online ProShop for product availability).

The WBC Sites are both located on pristine Florida Waterways. With proper care and respect, these fine WBC Ski School locations will be available for generations to come.

Wildlife Management is a legitimate concern for visitors to Florida. However, City of Winter Haven as well as it's respected County, has taken every step to provide safe water ways for everyone to enjoy.

Although seen less frequent than birds ; alligators, snakes and insects are deemed equally as harmless when encountered with care. For your safety, the WBC takes great pride in respecting the space for local wildlife and will not partake in any disruption or molestation of any animal for any reason.

Hunting and Fishing are strictly prohibited while under the instruction and care of the World Barefoot Center. The WBC carefully observes all local laws and regulations and suggests, in your best interest, to become familiar with these laws before visiting the WBC locations.

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The Team at WBC would like to offer you a few helpful resources via the internet to help better plan your stay. These suggestions are not the only resources available for your needs, however we would like to offer you a solid starting ground and some places to compare for your personal suitability. We have listed a few hotels below that offer WBC students a discounted rate however, other hotels are available in Winter Haven. For more choices, check online for other hotels in the area.

Accommodations Winter Haven:

Holiday Inn Express

200 Cypress Gardens Blvd.,Winter Haven, Fl. 33880 tel 1-863-292-2100
$125.10 per night / On site restaurant
Mention World Barefoot Center (WBC) for the ski school rate.

Hampton Inn

202 Cypress Gardens Blvd.,Winter Haven, FL. 33880 tel 1-863-299-9251
14% OFF the lowest available rate
Mention World Barefoot Center (WBC) for the ski school rate.

Park View Hotel

$59-89 (depending on room location) 863-324-5050
Mention World Barefoot Center (WBC) for the ski school rate.

Getting here

These helpful web links will not only provide you with detailed maps, they also iterate driving instructions with road names and direction prompts. The map links also help plan local dining , hotels and shopping.

Winter Haven travel from Orlando Int. Airport
3915 Lake Conine Dr E., Winter Haven, FL 33881-9644

Central Florida Weather updates:


Let the WBC come to your site, foot with your boat and on your water. Get world class instruction by Keith St. Onge, David Small, Ben Groen Ashleigh Stebbeings or Gary "Swampy" Bouchard on your home lake!

Traveling Clinic Season is now year-round.


In order to prepare yourself for a successful and productive clinic, we've put together a short check-list of items to consider. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or E-mail us.

The WBC Instructor will be glad to bring gear for purchase if ordered in advance. It's advised for the clinic organizer to collect deposits in advance.

Deposit - A $500.00 is Required to hold your desired dates.


Yes! WBC is open for skiers seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Right now the best way to coordinate and book is by calling us at: 863-877-0039